Congratulations newly Prosci-certified change management practitioners ACMP SoCal!

Newsletter Update: Monday, February 5, 2018

We are excited to announce that we have had a very successful first ACMP SoCal exclusive Prosci certification program on January 16-18 this year. Here’s what the participants said about the training and their experience with us.

Debbie RobinsI found the Prosci training very relevant and well done.  There were many learnings and practical applications of the Prosci methodology during the class that I will be able to use on my current project as well as future ones.

Sarah Nickerson: It was an intense 3 days, packed with learning, hands-on activities and collaboration. The instruction, materials and group discussions were very useful.
The Prosci training and certification provides an excellent framework, tools and resources to organize and legitimize the type of change management work I’ve been doing for years. Additionally, the Prosci brand is well-recognized, giving the credential value.

Alan Wright: I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a great session led by very knowledgeable instructors with a wonderful mix of classmates. It was a fun time learning about powerful change tools.  The models and methods provide intuitively simple and useful plug-and-play tools for managing a change event.And since many clients are using the Prosci method, it allows you to use a shared language and methodology when working with the client, which keeps everyone on the same page as you successfully move through the phases of change.
 Here are some pictures of the fun we had!IMG_1977


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On Other News!!!

ACMP 2018

Change Management 2018 conference
Las Vegas, March 25-28, 2018

The ACMP Global conference is in our neck of the woods (or desert) again this year. Several ACMP SoCal members will be there, and are already looking forward to seeing you there.
Register for the conference now and connect with us to plan a get-together.
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Board Announcements

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Webinar: The Four Keys of Engaging All Personalities and Perspectives

Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm

ACMP SoCal member, Joe Foster, presented this session at the ACMP Canada conference this year. Now we have the opportunity to see it as exclusive webinar for ACMP SoCal members!

This presentation combines real world experiences with the latest findings in neuroscience to demonstrate how to address the different stakeholder perspectives that can make or break a change initiative. With hands on activities, multi-media content, and entertaining personal stories, this session takes an engaging and interactive approach on how to tackle a complicated and vital subject…addressing all human ‘needs’ when implementing change.

Sponsor Contracting: Get What You Need from Sponsors…

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“It was a truly inspiring afternoon! We listened and talked, shared and challenged, brainstormed and collaborated. Kate Duchene, President & Chief Executive Officer of RGP (top middle among the ACMP SoCal board members) opened the meeting with a praise to collaboration and ongoing learning. And boy, did we learn from our keynote speaker, Don HarrisonPresident and Founder of IMA (bottom left, with the soon-to-be certified in AIM grand prize winner, Sari Syeda). And there was networking, happy hour, and more prizes.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with such talented group of change management professionals. Thank you all!

Anka Pruszynska-Garcia
Vice President, ACMP SoCal Chapter

Notes from Don Harrison’s presentation
by Michelle Saykally, Director of Membership, ACMP SoCal Chapter

On Friday, September 15, our ACMP SoCal Chapter was fortunate to host an experienced guide and mentor speaking about the Art of Sponsor Contracting, Don Harrison, the principle designer of a systematic and business-focused approach to predicting, managing and accelerating implementation success, the Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM).

Don shared real-life situations in which we could reflect on our own challenges in building that critical relationship with project sponsors – whether their role is an authorizing sponsor for resources and money or a reinforcing sponsor at a more local level. No matter what the sponsor role, Don took us through the roadmap for how we might improve the potential for project success by learning how to contract with Sponsors. Don made it clear from the start, “Sponsorship is the single most important factor in ensuring fast and successful implementation.”

Why do we need sponsor contracts?
 This is the most important tool in your change toolkit!
 Get sponsors to do what we need them to do throughout the lifecycle of change
 Communicate most effectively even when you have difficult messages to share
 All failed Projects can be traced back to poor Contracting

The CAST of Implementation Roles: Champions, Agents, Sponsors, Targets
Think about your last meeting with your Sponsor…
 What went well and what did not?
 What commitment did you have when you left the room

The Value of Contracting

  • Ensure Sponsors are clear on what is expected of them
  • Help drives consistency across sponsors in what they say and do.

Contracting Guidelines

  • Use “active Language”
  • Use non-qualified language
  • Preserve your Sponsor’s currency

Preserving Your Sponsor Currency

  • Their Time, Energy, Money, Reputation

Will your sponsor interaction be a written or formal discussion?

  • What is your past history working with this sponsor?
  • What is the Sponsor’s level of commitment to the project?
  • Perception of risk of the Sponsor not following through
  • Comfort level in providing feedback to the Sponsor

Prepare for the discussion

  • Expressed: what should be expressed and to whom? What does he or she need to tell her direct reports?
  • Modeled: what decisions do you need the sponsor to make? What access do you need? What meetings should the sponsor attend?
  • Reinforced: How should the sponsor recognize and reward efforts? What cannot be tolerated? How will progress be monitored? How will success be celebrated?

For more information about the Art of Sponsor Contracting, please check out IMA’s website blog (click here).


Watch: Learned in New Orleans, Applied in SoCal

webinar slide

Six ACMP SoCal members recap their takeaways from the conference, including some very practical opportunities you don’t want to miss!
Click here to view recording of ACMP SoCal webinar from June 23, 2017 (50 min.)

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  • Download handout here.

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ACMP SoCal at the Change Management Conference 2017 (May 21-24, New Orleans)

Our takeaways from the conference

Over 30 of our SoCal members attended the conference in New Orleans! We heard excellent keynote speakers, did a lot of networking – meeting new and old friends and making new connections. Our SoCal Mardi Gras event on Bourbon Street was a hit (so many beads, so little time), and we managed to attend all types of informative and inspiring sessions. It’s unanimous; a great time was had by all.

Here are conference highlights contributed by our SoCal members:

Keynote: Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Come Together and Others Don’t – Simon Sinek, International Speaker & Author

Simon Sinek

Simon says…

  • Finite vs. Infinite game players: finite players are competing against their competition; infinite players are competing against themselves.
  • Inspire On!
  • Ask why you should.


Soft Skills: The Harder Side of Change Management – Jo Grubb, Global Adoption & Change Management, Microsoft

Practical tips and tricks for using emotional intelligence in everyday communications. How much are you thinking about how you communicate? Food for thought: 50% visual, 40% auditory, words themselves account for less than 10%.


  • Start doing the little things you already know you can do
  • Become a keen observer of others and help them where necessary
  • Start living in a state of awareness and listen to what is really being said
  • Develop a Growth Mindset


How to Work with Senior Executives Who Don’t Get It – Dean Anderson, CEO, Being First, Inc.

  • Be conscious of your fear when advising leaders.
  • Speak the language of results (value, on time, speed, budget, etc.).
  • Validate leaders’ perspective first.
  • Be vulnerable to establish a bond.
  • Create a partnership with those you have access to (Project Managers) rather than try to change the mindset of the CEO.


Stop the Madness: Why System Optimization for Technology Isn’t Achieved and What to Do About It – Don Harrison, President & Founder, IMA
Technology projects often lose sight of the human factor resulting in a high failure rate even when the technical installation is a success. It is our duty to ensure sponsors realize that a communications and training plan is not the same as an adoption plan.

Adoption is determined by reinforcement, and you should plan for four times the amount of positive reinforcement compared to negative (since negative reinforcement is emotionally powerful).Technology change efforts should be led by the business, not IT, and sponsorship is not a voluntary position!


Make It Stick: Step Outside the Box to Make your Change Program Simple, Fun & Memorable – Greg Loveday, Director of Change Management, SCU

  • Speak to them in their language (to the heart)
  • WHY – We Help You
  • CHANGE – Creative, Honest, Active, Network, Gear, Embed
  • People helping people
  • Manage resistance by listening
  • Make it easy for others to get credit
  • Utilize social media
  • Give them “gear/swag” as a reminder


The Wisdom in Resistance: Make It Work For You, Rather Than Against You – Leslie DePol, Co-Founder and CEO, Polarity Partnership Inc.
This session brought up a really good point about the tensions that occur when implementing change and how these polarities are a natural part of business transformations. Ensure you understand the pros/cons of both the current and future state so you don’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ and everyone feels their concerns are understood. We may believe ‘they are stuck in the problem’, but they may believe we ‘are hooked on the solution’. Understand both perspectives to create the best win-win scenario.


Ladders and Bananas: Survival-kit for Professionals in Change – Cyriel Kortleven, International Speaker & Author
It is inspiring to think outside of the box, to dream big, and then implement parts (Yes And Act concept). With enticing visuals and excellent storytelling, Cyriel’s banana peel analogy is applicable to many environments.


Are You a Master of Chaos? Cracking the CHANGE Code – Rashanda Rodgers & Brad Hall, Change Leaders, Nationwide Insurance
We live in a world of big data; it’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Make data meaningful to you and your leadership.
Tips for what to do with data:
1. Classify / 2. Analyze / 3. Report
Look at all data and combine into one meaningful view, a dashboard; share it throughout the organization.


Change Management in 2017: A Pulse Check, – Amee Cooper, Senior Director, WMware, & Lori Paschal Winters, Senior Director, Southwest Airlines

  • Change roles and titles to create PM and CM hybrid positions (75/25).
  • Prioritize projects by organizational impact based on spread, depth, emotional impact, risk, and time constraints (score of 1-5).


Neuroscience and Change Management – Josh Davis, Director of Research & Lead Professor, NeuroLeadership Institute
Since emotions play such a large part in the success of change efforts, it’s important to understand that our brains have evolved for social survival.

The strongest threats and rewards are those that impact the way we are perceived by those around us (SCARF model). If you decrease one of these aspects via change, ensure you increase the others to create balance.


What I will do differently next time: Confessions of an Enterprise Change Leader – Joe Rafter, Business Change Leaders Inc.
Watermelon projects appear green on the outside but are red on the inside; look for the watermelons.

Tips for working with leaders and asking questions:

  • Demonstrate the behavior
  • Ask questions in context: That’s an interesting perspective. How do you know that? What makes you so sure?


Hear the impressions and takeaways first hand from our attendees during a live webinar on Friday, June 23, 4-5pm. Click here to register. Can’t attend live? Register anyway to get a link to a recording.

Let us know in comments below what you thought of the conference and our takeaways!

ACMP SoCal at the ACMP Global Conference May 21-24, New Orleans

ACMP SoCal’s Board and a few Chapter Members will be hosting and/or attending events at the annual ACMP Global conference.

If you are attending, please consider joining us:

  • Monday Morning Break 9:30-10 am:  Stop by the ACMP Central Booth and say ‘hi’ to Debbie Robins, our ACMP SoCal President.
  • Monday Lunch 12:15 – 1:30 pm:  Network with your fellow members – look for the ACMP SoCal tables and come over and have lunch with us! You will receive special SoCal Chapter beads!
  • Monday Afternoon Break 3:25-3:45 pm: Stop by the ACMP Central Booth and say ‘hi’ to Anka Pruszynska-Garcia, our ACMP SoCal Vice President.
  • Monday “Happy Hour” Evening Event:  Please join the Chapter Board & your fellow members for a hosted chapter event at the Creole Carre Restaurant (2nd floor private room & balcony). Click here to RSVP.  If you have not already done so, please RSVP and let us know you will be joining the celebration. It will truly be a night to remember, and you will receive special SoCal Chapter beads & other surprises!
  • Tuesday Morning Break 9:30-10 am: Stop by the ACMP Central Booth to say ‘hi’ to Barbara Ansell, our ACMP SoCal Treasurer.
  • Tuesday Evening:  We will be looking for our Chapter Members at the Conference Evening Networking event.  Wear your special Chapter beads so we know you are part of the SoCal Team!
  • Throughout the conference: Connect with us via the conference app!

We are looking forward to seeing our SoCal members at the conference in the Big Easy!